Review: Sleuth App

Nod your head if you love finding games to get addicted to! These games are the perfect way to pass those random bits of time (waiting in line at the post office, early for an appointment, annoyingly long commercials during my favorite TV shows, or when I’m just bored). I was contacted about reviewing a new app called Sleuth.

Do you remember the game hangman, where someone thinks of a word or phrase and writes lines for each letter and every time to you a letter wrong another part of the man is drawn? Well, Sleuth is a bit like that. You have to guess the word, whether it’s a movie, a city, a person, a song, a book, or more by looking at the clues (four pictures) before the time ends.

I have to say this game is pretty addicting. I always liked playing hangman as a kid, so with the added pressure of running out of time and losing points if you get a word wrong, your heart starts to beat a little bit faster. I tested the beta version, which only had 20 games, so I was sad when I reached the end, but the real one has 1000s of puzzles. Read more…

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