How to Play

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How to Play

  1. The answer to each mystery will be in one of these categories: People, Movies, Places, Words, History, Songs, Books or TV.
  2. Once the clock starts for the current mystery, you can guess at any time by typing your answer using the keyboard at the bottom. You cannot skip a mystery and you cannot pause while a mystery is being solved.
  3. You will first get up to four picture clues – one at a time. Once the pictures are all visible, letters will start to appear in the answer.  You will only be shown half of the letters in the answer.
  4. When you type your answer, correct letters will be marked in green and will stay on the display. Incorrect letters will be marked in red and stay on the display until you type the correct letter. If you guess a correct letter you will get some time added to the current mystery.
  5. If you have purchased Hunches, you can use them to add one minute to the mystery (3 Hunches) or to reveal random letters (2 Hunches for all occurrences of a letter). The last letter of a mystery will never be revealed.
  6. You can buy Hunches right from the app or get free Hunches for referring friends.buyHunches
Sleuth Game: Tip It’s probably best to add the minute as close to the beginning of the mystery as possible – when you have the most points available


  1. Each mystery has a basic value of 100 points. If you guess the answer on the first picture clue you get the 100 points.
  2. Every time a picture clue is revealed the point value drops by 10 points. Once the pictures are all shown, the remaining points will be divided equally to all the letters. As each letter is revealed the points will drop.
  3. If you are unable to guess a mystery, you will lose 100 points off your total score.
  4. Every time you type an incorrect letter you lose 5 points. Every time you type a correct letter you get a little more time.

    Sleuth Game: Tip Try not
    to guess
    too much!
  6. For every correct answer the amount of points you receive will be added to your total score. In addition those points will also be added to the value of the next mystery. The more you get right in a row the higher the possible points on the next mystery up to a maximum of 1000 points. However, as soon as you miss one mystery, you are back to 100 points for the next one.

Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

  • Please note that email addresses that are provided as part of registering for Sleuth will only be used to keep track of points. They will not be shared with anyone else.
  • All end of month calculations for points are based on UTC time
  • SimWave Consulting Inc. reserves the right to change the prizes that are awarded or to discontinue the awarding of prizes at any time without notice.
  • All comments and questions should be forwarded to

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